Benefits of Fiberglass Backed Vinyl


If you’re looking for new flooring for your home then you may have considered vinyl flooring. There are some important things to know about differences in vinyl when making this decision and it’s something that is often overlooked: the backing. This is important because it can alter how your flooring will be installed. Felt and fiberglass are two of the most common vinyl backings, but there are some real benefits to choosing a vinyl with a fiberglass backing.

It doesn’t require permanent adhesive. A releasable glue can be used which makes it much easier to pull it up and replace it if it ever becomes necessary.

It can be installed almost anywhere. Fiberglass backed vinyl won’t curl at the edges, so it can be added to any room in your home. This makes it a perfect option for basements.

It isn’t affected by temperatures or humidity. It won’t shrink or warp due to moisture, which also makes it perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms as well.

It is comfortable to walk on. It has a cushion on the backing, which makes it very comfortable underfoot. It’s a great addition in any place you may stand for a long period, such as the kitchen.

Either way, vinyl flooring is a great option for many homes. It is durable and stands up great against water and high-traffic areas. Vinyl has come a long way and the imagery is very realistic.

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