What is a DCS?


Many people hold off on refinishing their hardwood floors because of the mess it makes. The Bona dust containment system (DCS) allows our Bona certified craftsman to create a dust free environment for the cleanest finish possible on your hardwood floors. If you need to bring some life back to your floors then this is a great option.

It has a three-step particle separation process in a sealed system, which removes the dust from your home. The first step is a cyclone that separates the heavy particles. The second step removes light particles through the top filter. The third step captures the smallest particles in the HEPA filter. It is a unique dust containment system and a great option for anyone looking to refinish their hardwood floors.

Some of the main benefits of the DCS are:bona craftsman

  • A cleaner work environment for our Bona certified craftsmen.
  • No dust on items left inside your home (knick-knacks, etc.).
  • No dust entering your heating and cooling system.
  • There is no dust that needs to settle, so it gets you back on your floor quicker.
  • Provides a beautiful and clean finish with no dust particles in the stain and sealant.

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