We decided it was time to redo the flooring in our home. Having heard the name “Dillabaughs” for years we knew it was a business we wanted to pursue. From the time we first stopped by their store we were sold on their products and the professionalism of their sales associate, Tim Stewart. This is a business that has been in Boise for years. From the time we first stopped by their store, we were treated like royalty. Our sales associate, Tim Stewart, was very informing about their products. When he came to see our home, he had lots of suggestions – he is extremely knowledgeable regarding their products. We went with Dillabaughs and have never had a day we questioned them. The installers he sent to our home, from C & C Installation, were the two men who did the installation themselves, and they also own the business. We were very pleased to work with them. They were only interested in doing their best and believe us, they DID AN EXCELLENT JOB. Dillabaughs is a company that we will highly recommend to anyone who asks us about our flooring, and again, we will highly recommend the installers.