Cabinet Division Assistant Manager


The DFA Cabinet Division Assistant Manager role includes measuring and bidding projects physically and within 2020 estimation software, the ordering of materials, and managing all installation schedules with customers, project managers, installers, and the Cabinet Division Manager. This position, along with the Cabinet Division Manager, provides oversight to the Cabinet Division staff to ensure the effective project management and installation of both new jobs, as well as customer service claims in a timely and accurate fashion. This is a fast-paced, highly detailed role, requiring strong cabinetry experience, and excellent leadership, communication, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills.


  • Lead the Cabinet Division staff and subcontractors to accomplish all job duties and follow all preestablished systems in a timely fashion – accountable for the successful completion of all cabinet jobs
  • Responsible for monitoring the daily performance of the Cabinet Division staff – provide consistent leadership (affirmation/coaching/correction/vision/problem solving/etc.)
  • Display excellent cabinetry knowledge daily through design, bidding, sales, general construction project management, quality control, inventory control, and overall installation
  • Conduct daily morning meetings with staff installers to review previous-day and current-day projects
  • Meet with remodel contractors to provide schedules, general information, and address all job-related tasks
  • Order cabinets – general knowledge of vendors (Karman, Kemper, Aristokraft, and Midwest)
  • Use 2020 cabinet design software to design, order cabinets/trims, and complete installations
  • Work with warehouse leads to coordinate schedules for the storage and deliveries of cabinet projects
  • Work with installers, clients, and staff to quickly react and solve problems – project management
  • Manage all necessary paperwork for accounting in a timely fashion – credit card payments, vendor invoices, job costing, etc.
  • Own Cabinet division P&L – develop sales strategy for future growth, monitor overall expenses, maximize profitability
  • Ensure all customer service issues (warranty calls) are tracked appropriately and responded to in a timely manner
  • Responsible to ensure all Cabinet Division staff and subcontractors maintain proper hygiene, meet dress code requirements, and consistently have positive attitudes (meet DFA Core Values)


  • Leadership Skills
  • Drive Results
  • Managing Customer Needs
  • Team Building
  • Empathy
  • Listening Skills
  • Managing Processes
  • Flooring Knowledge
  • Conflict Management
  • Positive Attitude
  • Tablet/Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to Follow Through
  • Time Management
  • Excellent Task Management


Possess a strong understanding of cabinetry and a general understanding of all phases of residential construction – including knowledge of plumbing, electric, appliances, countertops, etc. Communicates well with all personality types and attitudes – the ability to remain positive amidst chaos Excellent computer, leadership, communication, and organizational skills

Dillabaugh’s Manager CORE COMPETENCIES

TECHNOLOGY: Highly competent/adaptable regarding computers, 2020 cabinet design software, tablets, phones, emails, hardware, software, calendars
COMMUNICATION: Dynamic communication skills – professional, calm, consistent, timely, concise, productive, provides clarity and direction, promotes positivity
ORGANIZATION: Comprehensive project manager – highly efficient executing multiple jobs, details, information, staff, installers – highly responsive to return calls, answer emails, respond to texts, and never misses deadlines
LEADERSHIP: Lead, manage, hold-accountable (LMA) – hire, coach, train, affirm, correct, discipline – lead teams to achieve results – ability to make and own decisions – commander/captain/mentor
PROACTIVE: Ruthless sense of urgency – always thinking two moves ahead – a master chess player – strategic – calculated decision making to continually improve people and processes – evaluate and integrate emerging technologies to increase productivity
CAPACITY: The talent and aptitude to juggle multiple tasks, jobs, and people effectively without dropping any balls, missing any deadlines, or overlooking any details – the competency to spin multiple plates and never lose your cool
KNOWLEDGE: Broad understanding of industry standards, federal and state regulations, company operations and culture, and positional goals and objectives
PURPOSE: Understands and communicates the Cabinet Division’s role in the bigger picture – embraces and cultivates a healthy team culture – lives out the company mission and values – drives the staff to perform through thoughtful encouragement and necessary correction – to ultimately build a team that is strong, healthy, functions efficiently, and is growing personally and professionally


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