It is our Company’s goal to make your installation experience as pleasant as possible. The installation of your new flooring can be a very challenging task. To assure the best experience possible, we want you to be aware of several common issues encountered during installation to set proper expectations, and prevent any unpleasant surprises. Our Fulfillment Division is responsible for the successful completion of your flooring project. The Fulfillment team consists of a Division Manager, Quality Control Managers, Coordinators, Schedulers, and Service Technicians. Various members of this team will be in communication with you throughout any/all necessary phases of your project. If you have questions or issues related to your installation, please contact our Fulfillment Team at (208) 375-6333.


INSTALLATION SCHEDULING: A representative from our Fulfillment Team will contact you via phone (or email if you are not available) within ten business days from when your order was purchased to schedule your job. Because conditions vary with each job, we cannot guarantee a specific time of arrival or completion of your job. We do make every effort to complete your installation in a timely and professional manner. However, we are not responsible for ancillary expenses, i.e. time lost from work, hotels, meals, inconvenience, etc.


JOB SITE CONDITIONS: Dusty conditions are created when removing and installing new flooring. We attempt to minimize dust; however, we do not provide a clean-up service beyond that point. Items such as cleaning of excessively dirty floors, removal and hauling off of heavily pet damaged carpet will incur additional costs and could delay your job. Our flooring installers do not move furniture; however, we are willing to provide you with a moving company and handle the scheduling logistics. (Please see attached list of recommendations.) We will not handle the moving logistics of pool tables, pianos, exercise equipment, grandfather clocks, fish tanks, and/or any extremely valuable furniture. We do not disconnect or reconnect any electrical/electronic or computer devices. We do not cut-off interior or exterior doors and/or replace thresholds. A door company should be contacted for this if needed. Any/All pets need to be secured prior to our arrival, and for the duration of the work in the home. Installers may choose to leave the job site if pets are not properly restrained for the work to take place.


APPLIANCES & WATER LINES: We will disconnect and move appliances, toilets, and sinks for a designated charge. However, due to insurance restrictions, we cannot reconnect any gas or water lines; nor are we liable for any losses due to water leaks or damage to appliances our crews move as some old water lines may not seal properly when they are disconnected. We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to connect all water and/or gas lines in order to ensure proper workmanship and full warranty. We are happy to refer a plumber and handle the scheduling logistics. (Please see attached list of recommendations.) This is NOT included in our fee to move appliances. Please note that when an appliance is disconnected, many times it will not reseal properly. Despite the most diligent care, hoses and/or copper tubing may break during removal. Cost of repairs will be the customer’s responsibility.


UNFORSEEN LABOR: After removal of existing flooring, problems may appear that were not visible prior to removal. Wet subfloor, rough, cracked, unleveled concrete, etc., are a few of the conditions which are not suitable for the installation of your new flooring. Should unforeseen problems occur, you will be notified before we continue as additional charges may be necessary. We will not be responsible for such charges and all monies for unforeseen labor are due prior to commencing the work. We are not responsible for loose, squeaky, or damaged sub-floors. If additional costs occur, you will be contacted by our Fulfillment Division and expected to pay before further work is executed.


POSSIBLE DRYWALL REPAIRS: When removing existing stair noses under carpet to install hard surface occasionally holes are left in the drywall because the stair noses went into the drywall. This is an unforeseen event and not something that DFA is responsible for. It is also possible that when an existing backsplash and/or countertops are removed that holes in drywall may be left. For backsplash removal we will put backerboard into the hole, but we will not do any taping/texturing/painting. If the new backsplash fails to cover all the drywall damage you will be responsible to hire a drywall repair person that can repair the wall for you. (Please see attached list of recommendations.)


BASE BOARDS: DFA will remove base boards and replace them for a set charge. DFA is not responsible for broken base – it is typical for some boards to break/chip/crack during removal. DFA will reset the base boards and caulk them. It will be your responsibility to fill nail holes and touch-up paint. DFA can also install new base boards/trim in your home for a set charge. DFA can purchase base boards and have them prepared for a painter (to be painted and delivered prior to flooring installation). If DFA schedules the painter, it is your responsibility to purchase and deliver the paint to your RSA within five business days of signing your purchase agreement.


MISCELLANEOUS: It is impossible to work next to and against walls without some marks and scratches. New paint is especially vulnerable. We suggest you keep some paint and plan to touch up behind us. We are not responsible for damage to or replacement of hidden wires or pipes that may be discovered during removal/reinstallation of your carpet/flooring. The home must be kept at livable temperatures in the range of (60-80º) for a period of no less than 3 days prior to installation. Crawl spaces must contain 6mm moisture barrier throughout and have no visible gouges or tears. DFA is NOT responsible for any squeaks or other subfloor noise. If there are squeaks now, there will still be squeaks when we finish.


HARD SURFACE WASTE FACTORS: Every hard surface flooring installation has a waste factor required to ensure adequate material is ordered to complete the job.  Waste factors vary by product, pattern, and job site. The left-over materials will be left at the job site for your future use as they are not able to be returned or refunded. We recommend storing all products except tile in areas that are climate controlled to prevent the materials from being damaged for future use.


DAY OF INSTALLATION: Someone over the age of 18 must be present at the beginning and end of installation to authorize various approvals which may arise. During installation you MUST be available via phone at all times. We recommend not scheduling multiple subcontractors (painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.) on the same day your floor is being installed. This could cause unforeseen delays.  Absence or inability to be contacted can result in potential installation delays and/or waiving certain warranties requiring visual approval. If your project is rescheduled for any reason, it could be moved to the end of the scheduling cycle (due to limited subcontractor availability).




Material is only guaranteed to be as specified within each industry’s standard of tolerance. There are no other warranties which extend beyond the description on the face of this agreement; any remedy of purchaser shall be limited to repair or replacement for workmanship or material defects. Any alterations to this agreement must be made in writing and any deviation from the above specifications involving additional work will become an extra charge as stated in the company’s schedule of charges. We reserve the right to change the direction of flooring and/or location of seams where we deem necessary. Delays due to strikes, lost shipments, acts of God, or any cause beyond Dillabaugh’s Flooring America’s control will not void this contract. Dillabaugh’s Flooring America shall not be liable for any such delays.